Dust Yourself Off, My Dear

9 Lessons for living your best life By Beth Blanco

Have you ever thought you would be in a different place by now? That you would be further ahead or have it all figured out by now? And well, you just don’t. Then this book is for you.

Summary of the book

Dust Yourself Off, My Dear by Beth Blanco

I wrote this book for the woman who is strong, but is super tired from trying to be.

Have you ever thought you would be in a different place by now? That you would be further ahead or have it all figured out by now? And well, you just don’t. Then this book is for you.
I know what it’s like to feel guilty. To feel powerless. To feel alone. I know how it feels to want to change it, but not know how to make that happen. I also know what it’s like to rediscover my strength, face insurmountable challenge, and to come out the other side laughing and more powerful than ever.

Sharing what I have learned and helping others is now my life’s purpose. I hope to inspire you with my story of spiritual awakening and practical change. I know you can use these nine lessons in your own life to become the person you already know you are and live the life you were meant to live. The solutions that came out of each lesson have worked for me and I know they can work for you too. At the very least maybe my tidbits of wisdom can help you avoid some mistakes along the way.

Meet me

Dust Yourself Off, My Dear the author

Beth Blanco is an author, speaker, financial counselor, and Mindset Coach with a passion for helping others live their best financial and personal lives.

Beth began doing financial counseling in 2005 and received her Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) certification from AFCPE®. She spent six years as a budget counselor at the University of Michigan Credit Union and another four and a half years at Habitat for Humanity doing financial counseling for their clientele, and many years self-employed as well. Beth also holds a B.A. in business from Siena Heights University in Adrian, MI. Her first book, Get Your Sh*t Together with Your Money, is now available on Amazon.

Beth began her mindset work in 2016, after experiencing the transformative power of the Law of Attraction. She lives in Michigan with her son Spencer.

Beth Blanco, author of Dust Yourself Off, My Dear

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"Dust Yourself off, My Dear is powerful, funny and takes you deep into real life situations that each of us are facing on a day to day basis. This captivating book is easy to read, straightforward and shows you step-by-step how to get yourself back up each time you’re knocked down and allows you to see just how transformative simply every day steps can be in your world. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for that spiritual way to start to get back into the game of life and turn your future around!" ~ Carrie Cardozo, The Business Psychic

Carrie Cardozo, Business Psychic Strategist & Consultant


"Beth’s book was not what I expected- in a good way- but is an inspirational, self care book to improve your life with a lot of thoughtful lessons about life why they occurred and what she learnt from them.. I believe this is a must for all young people starting out to give them some insight in how to prepare, deal with and weather the rocky road of life "

Pat Murdoch, Reiki Healer & Counselor


"A beautiful and empowering book to help you navigate through life’s challenges and come back to who you truly are!"

Cristina Aroche, the Archangel Channel